About PAAL


Regulation of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics:
Japan, 21.08.2019

Adopted on August 31, 1998
Revised on December 5, 2007
Revised on April 1, 2016
Partially Revised on August 21, 2018

Chapter 1

This Association is named Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics.

Chapter 2

The office of the Association is located at Koichi Ano's Lab, Faculty of International Studies, Bunkyo University, 1100 Gyoya, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Objectives and Business

Chapter 3

The association will contribute to the advancement and wider recognition of applied linguistics as well as mutual cooperation among members.

Chapter 4

The association shall carry out the following activities to achieve the purpose set forth in the preceding Article.

  1. Holding of annual conferences (referred to as ‘Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics Conference’)
  2. Establishment of a research committee for collaborative research on research topics requiring extensive collaboration
  3. Collecting and introducing academic activities of members
  4. Surveying and introducing research on applied linguistics both at home and abroad
  5. Liaising closely with the institutions of applied linguistics and related fields both at home and abroad
  6. Compiling journals and the like that publish the members’ research achievements, etc. (Annual conference proceedings are published every year.)
  7. Creating a membership list
  8. Conducting other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of the Association
  9. Selecting the Association’s Encouragement Award

Note that details on item 9 above are stipulated in another regulations.

Organization and Operations

Chapter 5

Members of the Association shall be regular members, honorary members, and student members. The names of the new member are introduced in official newsletters.

  1. A regular member is a person who has knowledge of applied linguistics or related fields and who the Board of Directors approves.
  2. An honorary member shall be a person who has rendered distinguished service in the management of the Association and who the Board of Directors, in accordance with the provisions separately prescribed, recommends and approves
  3. A student member is a university student or a graduate student who studies applied linguistics or related fields and who the Board of Directors approves.
  4. Matters concerning withdrawal, expulsion, etc. of a member shall be determined separately on other regulations.

Chapter 6

The following officers shall be appointed to manage the business of the Association. The chairperson shall appoint them and obtain the approval of them by the Board of Directors.

Chapter 7

Members of the Association shall be regular members, honorary members, and student members. The names of the new member are introduced in official newsletters.(The number in parentheses is a combined total of Japanese and Korean offices.)

  1. Chairperson (2 people)
  2. Vice Chairperson (There will be at least one person each from Japan and Korea.)
  3. Director (a few)
  4. Auditors (a few)
  5. Secretary (a few)
  6. Advisor (a few)
  7. Secretary-general (2 people) and Vice Secretary-general (a few)
  8. Accounting (2 people)

Chapter 8

PAAL Journal is published biannually by the Association located in Tokyo, Japan. Due to the low cost of printing, it is printed in Seoul, Korea.

  1. Officers form the Board of Officers to deliberate and decide on important matters concerning the organization and operation of the Association.
  2. Directors shall organize the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for the execution of the business of the Association. Chairpersons represent the Association and supervise its affairs.
  3. Auditors shall audit the accounting of the Association. In principle, auditors may not concurrently serve as directors. However, when the chairperson finds it necessary, he or she shall designate and appoint one of the directors as an auditor.
  4. Secretary shall carry out the necessary business under the Board of Directors.
  5. At the request of the Board of Directors, Advisor will provide advice on the management of the Association.

Chapter 9

An office shall be established within the Association’s business premises to assist in the affairs of the Association.

Chapter 10

The term of officers shall be 3 years. However, he/she may be reappointed.

Chapter 11

In order to carry out its business, the Association shall have the following standing committees;

  1. General Affairs Committee
  2. Financial Affairs Committee
  3. Editorial Committee
  4. Public Relations Committee
  5. Research Committee
  6. International Cooperation Committee
  7. International Conference Committee
  8. Ethic committee

Chapter 12

In order to hold the annual convention of the Association, the annual convention committee and its president shall be appointed. The president of the annual convention committee handles the business of the convention and, at the request of the Board of Directors, attends the Board meeting and expresses his or her opinion.

Chapter 13

Under the Association, Journal Editorial Committee (department) and Selected Papers Editorial Committee (department) and Selection Committee of the Encouragement Award are established. Each of them shall fall under the direction of the Research Committee and the Editorial Committee. Any other special committees shall be established if the Board of Directors finds them necessary. At the request of the chairperson, the heads of the committees attend the Board meeting and expresses their opinion.

Chapter 14

All officers shall be unpaid.


Chapter 15

Expenses of the Association shall be paid by membership fees, donations, subsidies, etc.

Chapter 16

The fiscal year of the Association shall commence on April 1 of each year and end on March 31 of the following year. The drafts of financial statement and budget shall be deliberated and decided by the Board of Officers and shall be promptly announced to all members.

Auxiliary Provisions

Chapter 17

Detailed regulations and provisions shall be separately established in order to smoothly carry out the activities and operations of the Association.

Chapter 18

Amendments to the articles of the Constitution of the Association shall be promptly announced to all members after being deliberated by the Board of Directors and determined by the Board of Officers.

Supplementary Provisions

This Constitution shall come into force on September 1, 1998.

Supplementary Provisions

Regarding the position of chairperson, for the sake of efficient management, both in Japan and Korea, one chairperson is elected from each country and is called Co-Chair.